A Single Mum’s Journey

Personal testimony and practical advice to encourage and support

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Regardless of how one has become a single parent, Jo Drower’s wonderful testimony illustrates the difference it made to her journey when Jesus came into her life.  A journey from the devastation of divorce and addiction to the positive and fresh hope she found in Him.

Jo shares with an honest and truthful heart the ups and downs of single parenting.  This is accompanied by helpful practical advice she has gained through her career as a social worker and her spiritual walk through the Bible.

An easy-to-read inspiration to all who walk the single parent journey.

Jocelyn Murray-Currie – Author of Windows on Widowhood; What’s in your Suitcase for Heaven? and God’s Heart for the Poor.

As Jo’s brother, I have observed over the years some of the struggles and some of the joys spoken of in this book.  As a Pastor I commend this book to you.

It’s early autobiography chapters are compelling.  Its later teaching chapters are informing and helpful.  Add to this it’s uniqueness of having a father’s perspective and a daughter’s story, makes this book a valuable and fascinating  read.

Mark Gordon – Brother and Pastor

As Jo shares her real life story of being thrust into the role of a single parent, her journey takes her from a hopeless state to true hope when she finds God in the midst of her turmoil.

Jo weaves helpful verses and practical helps throughout her book that make this a great resource for anyone who finds themselves looking for direction as a single parent.

Be encouraged, the journey of a single mum is not an easy road but by the grace of God it can be done and done well.

Tania Fleming – Single Mum & Counsellor